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Mending Nets, Galicia SpainA Team Effort, GaliciaHARBOR, LA CARUNASTREET SCENE, GALICIACELLEBRATION OF THE LOCAL SAINT, GALICIAGreat Cathedral of Santiago de Competla, Galicaia SpainTypical Storage Houses, GalicaRegional Saints Day ParadeLA CARUNA STREET SCENEDeserted Church, GaliciaJust another Washday, GaliciaLocal Cellebratrion, GaliciaParish Church ,GaliciaAnti Franco Communists at Their Hideout,GaliciaPorto Novo House where I Wrote Dissertation, GalicaStepples of the Catherdral of SegoviaSegovia AcquaductThe Great Acquaduct, SegoviaCentral SegoviaAncient Building in Santander

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