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Stream Flowing from Annpurna RangeRafting Down the Sun Kosi RiverVillage on the Goripanni RidgeMt Machupucheri, or Fishtail Mt.A Spur at the Base of Mt. AnnapurnaGandrum VillageNepali Woman in Landdrum  VillageThree Village BoysAnnapurna RangeNorth and South Peaks of AnnapurnaEncampment in Preparation for a Cold Night, Annanppurna SanctuaryView of Annapurna RangeYoung Lamas Living in Annapurna RegionNepali Shop Keepers, KatmanduGrandmother and Child Lighting Prayer Lamps at TempleThe Base of a Hindu TempleA Young Man of KatmaduThrashing Grains

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