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Z-ACROPOLIS TEMPLE WITHIN COLUMNS REEALED-2-1YOUNK MONKS VIEWING THE MEKONG RIVER-2YOUNG AND OLD TURNING OF THE PRAYER WHEEL - TAK SAN, BUHTAN-2Wrecked Ship, Falkand IslandsWOMAN ROWING OUT TO HARBOR 2000-1WINDOW ROCKWindow Rock, Seward AlaskaWHEN WILL THE TIDE CHANGE?WANDERING ALBATROSS CHICKS NESTINGWalkway in Old GoerlitzVUE FROM TANGBOCHE MONASTERYVillage Chapel, NorwayView from the Ermitage Museum, St. PetersbergVietnanese Women Doing Neddle Work,  SapaVARRENA 2-1Twister Cypresstuna 2-1Tula Pyaramid with ChacmolTranquil Sport, New ZealandTrail to Luntse, Bhutan